Working Towards a

Culture of Life

We are known widely as the Kamloops Pro-Life Society. However, we are also (and more currently) known as Voices 4 Life.

Our mandate is to promote and educate the Kamloops community concerning the value, respect and protection of human life from conception to natural death and every stage of life in between. We believe that every person should be cherished regardless of their physical or mental ability, colour, race or station in life.

We are a diverse board of directors elected by members at large of the Kamloops Pro-Life Society.


There are several developments taking place regarding life issues, some really positive and encouraging, and others quite negative.

We’d like to educate you about the realities, but also leave you with some hope that a real grass-roots movement is breathing life into these developments and that there is hope for the future if we can keep up our momentum.

In these web pages we’ll highlight the diversity of supporters providing positive and life-giving solutions to the issues that society is facing today.



Some who visit this site may just be curious about who we are,

others may be looking for information regarding pro-life issues, either for personal reasons or for school reports/presentations, others may be facing a decision related to a pregnancy. Whatever the reason, we will try to present that information as clearly and reliably as possible through our site, just as we've done for years through our office.

You'll find most of this information on our Resource pages.

For further inquiries you can contact us, however If it is urgent, please call us at 250-376-4054.

Watch our three life affirming

TV ads on our Celebration page.