Loving Alternatives

Adoption is a difficult but loving and unselfish alternative to abortion.

A woman should never be forced to give up her child because of factors that could be dealt with, however if a woman truly feels that this is the right decision, then with counselling, the normal separation grief will be better dealt with than an abortion.

There is no magic wand to make a baby disappear in an unplanned pregnancy – the answer is life or death for the child after conception.

All of us know people who can’t have a child and can’t even get on adoption lists because there are so many abortions being done.  We hope that women will look at adoption as a better choice, for themselves and for others.

Help for the birth mother so she can be the best she can be after relinquishing her child.

Sponsorship of an unborn child. This is a great plan for people to donate towards small things that might be an obstacle during a pregnancy or as a newborn.

Famous Adopted People

You May Know

Andy Berlin – chairman of Berlin Cameron

& Partners

Anthony Williams – politician

Aristotle – philosopher

Art Linkletter – comedian

Bo Diddley – musician, performer

Buffy Sainte-Marie – musician, actress

Carl-Theodor Dreyer – Danish film director

Charlotte Anne Lopez – Miss Teen USA

Christina Crawford – author

Clarissa Pinkola Estes – author

Crazy Horse – Lakota war chief

Dan O’Brien – decathlete

Daunte Culpepper – football player

Dave Thomas – entrepreneur: founder of Wendy’s

Debbie Harry – singer

D.M.C. – hip hop artist

Edgar Allan Poe – poet, writer

Edward Albee – playwright

Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady

Eric Dickerson – athlete

Faith Daniels – news anchor

Faith Hill – country singer

Freddie Bartholomew – actor

George Washington Carver – inventor

Greg Louganis – athlete

James MacArthur – actor

James Michener – author

Jean Jacques Rousseau – philosopher

Jesse Jackson – minister

Jesus – adopted by Joseph the carpenter (Bible)

Jett Williams – country singer and author

Jim Palmer – athlete

John J. Audubon – naturalist

John Hancock – politician

John Lennon – musician

Langston Hughes – poet and writer

Larry Ellison – entrepreneur: chief executive of Oracle

Lee Majors – actor

Leo Tolstoy – writer

Les Brown – motivational speaker

Lynnette Cole – Miss USA 2000

Malcolm X – civil rights leader

Mark Acre – athlete

Matthew Laborteaux – actor

Melissa Gilbert – actress

Michael Reagan – author, talk show host

Moses – Biblical leader

Nancy Reagan – First Lady

Nat King Cole – singer

Nelson Mandela – politician

Patrick Labyorteaux – actor

Peter and Kitty Carruthers – figure skaters

President Gerald Ford – politician

President William Clinton – politician

Priscilla Presley – actress

Ray Liotta – actor

Reno – performance artist, comedian

Sarah McLachlan – singer

Scott Hamilton – figure skater

Sen. Paull H. Shin – politician

Sen. Robert Byrd – politician

Steve Jobs – entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple computer

Surya Bonaly – figure skater

Tim Green – football player/commentator

Tim McGraw – country singer

Tom Monaghan – entrepreneur

Tommy Davidson – comedian

Victoria Rowell – actress

Wilson Riles – educator

Famous Adoptive


Al Roker – news anchor

Alfre Woodard – actress

Alexander the Great – King of Macedonia, 356-323 B.C.

Angelina Jolie – actress

Art Buchwald – comedian

Barbara Walters – journalist

Ben Stein – actor and game show host

Bette Davis – actress

Billy Bob Thornton – actor, writer, singer

Bob (and Delores) Hope – entertainer

Brooke Adams – actress

Burt Reynolds – actor

Calista Flockhart – actress

Cecil B. De Mille – film director

Charles Bronson – actor

Chelsea Noble – actress

Connie Chung – news anchor

Dale Evans – singer

Dan Marino – athlete

Dan Wilson – athlete

David E. Kelley – television producer

Diane Keaton – actress

Dianne Wiest – actress

Donna Mills – actress

Ed McMahon – entertainer

Edie Falco – actress

Erma Bombeck – author

Estelle Parsons – actress

Eve Arden – actress

Father George Clements – minister

Gail Sheehy – writer

Gary Merrill – actor

George Burns – comedian

George Lucas – film director

Gloria Swanson – actress

Gracie Allen – comedian

Harpo Marx – actor

Harry Belafonte – singer

Hedy Lamarr – actress

Helen Hayes – actress

Henry Fonda – actor

Hugh Jackman – actor

Isabella Rossellini – -actress

Jamie Lee Curtis – actress

Jane Fonda – actress

Jane Wyman – actress

Jann Wenner – publisher

Jill Ireland – actress

Jill Krementz – author

JoBeth Williams – actress

Joan Didion – author

Joan Fontaine – actress

John DeLorean – entrepreneur

John Denver – singer

John Gregory Dunne – author

Josephine Baker – singer and dancer

Judy Woodruff – news anchor

Julie Andrews – actress

Karen Grassle – actress

Karl Wallenda – acrobat

Kate Capshaw – actress

Kate Jackson – actress

Kirby Puckett – athlete

Kirk Cameron – actor

Kirstie Alley – actress

Kris Kristofferson – singer

Kurt Vonnegut – author

Linda Ronstadt – singer

Loni Anderson – actress

Louis Gossett, Jr – actor.

Magic Johnson – athlete

Marcia Wallace – actress

Marie Osmond – singer

Maury Povich – news anchor

Meg Ryan – actress

Mercedes Ruehl – actress

Mia Farrow – actress

Michelle Pfeiffer – actress

Natalie Williams – athlete

Nell Carter – entertainer

Nicole Kidman – actress

Oscar de la Renta – designer

Ozzy (and Sharon) Osbourne – musician

Parker Stevenson – actor

Patti LaBelle – singer

Paul Newman – actor

Paula Poundstone – comedian

Pearl Bailey – singer

Peter Falk – actor

President Ronald Reagan – politician

Regina Belle – singer

Richard King Mellon – financier

Robert Fulghum – writer

Rosie O’Donnell – actress

Roy Rogers – entertainer

Sally Jessy Raphaël – talk show host

Sammy Davis, Jr. – entertainer

Sen. Jesse Helms – politician

Sen. John McCain – politician

Sen. Lloyd Bentsen – politician

Sen. Paul Simon – politician

Sen. Paull H. Shin – politician

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson – Texas

Sharon Stone – actress

Sir Christopher Guest – actor

Stephen Spielberg – film director

Steven Curtis Chapman – Christian musician

Susan Ruttan – actress

Taurean Blacque – actor

Ted Danson – actor

Teri Garr – actress

Tom Cruise – actor

Valerie Harper – actress

Walt (and Lily) Disney – founder of Disneyland

William Delahunt – politician

Willie Mays – athlete