Important Links

The links provided on this page are an excellent starting point for finding comprehensive information on all pro-life issues.

CLC – Campaign Life Coalition – The political wing of pro-life in Canada, therefore not a charity. It provides much information on issues related to abortion, euthanasia, and family.

RIGHT NOW – A new politically-oriented pro-life group, more youth-centered, also not a charity.

CCBR – Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform – Their focus is to change pro-abortion thinking by using “graphic photography” to generate discussion in street and campus outreach.

NCLN – National Campus Life Network – Their focus is changing pro-abortion attitudes on campuses by use of various educational projects; they also support formation of campus pro-life clubs.

Life Canada – Our National pro-life educational organization.

DeVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research – provides excellent research on life topics via videos, seminars, etc, publishes books, one being “Complication’s, Abortion’s Impact on Women”.

Canadian Physicians for Life – Provides essential support and education for pro-life interns and physicians.

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – Protects people by building well-informed, broadly-based networks of groups and individuals for an effective social resistance to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We Need A Law – Its goal is to bring legal protection to unborn children, equip us to effectively engage with politicians; therefore it is not a charity.

Silent No More – Raises awareness about abortion’s adverse affect on society and supports all who are involved in abortion decisions, encouraging them to share their stories.

Rachel’s Vineyard – Through weekend retreats, healing is offered to anyone who has been involved in an abortion decision, or who has suffered the loss of a child.

Life Cycle Books – The only Canadian pro-life supply store with brochures, books, banners, etc.

Compassionate Community Care – Provides advice, help and support regarding euthanasia, assisted suicide and/or end of life issues.

Be Not Afraid – Provides support and information for those who have been given diagnoses of disability for their unborn child.